Season 2 Starts October 18!

People keep asking us...  what is Ear Snacks?  If you don't already know, this should help.

Thanks to Lucy & her mom, Frankie & her dad & Alex & his dad for reminding us why we do what we do.  Thanks to all the Ear Snacks kids and guests who have participated so far...  if you want to be on the show, e-mail

This trailer features the following grown-ups inspiring kids to go and DO.

  • "Buongiorno, come stai?"  "I have an idea." --- Bruce Perlman, Amusement Ride Owner
  • "Seahorses."  --- Jenn Salcido, Seahorse Enthusiast
  • "Glaciers." --- Dr. Jesse Driscoll, Hydrologist
  • "The concept of ecosystem."  --- Sergio Avilla, Desert Wildlife Biologist
  • "Camouflage." --- Rebeca Johnson, Marine Biologist
  • "Nooooo coconuts!"  --- Amos Hall, Hat Enthusiast
  • "DNA!" ---- Nate Butkuss, 7-year-old Scientist
  • "Typography."  --- Ana Gomez-Bernaus, Typographer
  • "A magical space where you can put your imagination."  --- Antoinette Portis, Children's Author-Illustrator
  • "So keep exploring space, and keep exploring everything else."  --- Mat Kaplan, Planetary Society Radio Host
  • "Fishermen and explorers and pirates!"  --- John Barkan, Seafarer
  • "It's kind of a never-ending journey."  --- Maria, Sign Language Instructor & Capoeira Player
  • "Man, that's WILD."  --- Steven Drozd, Drummer for The Flaming Lips
  • "We make all kinds of sounds." --- Gus Kovan, Sound Designer

Season 1, Episode 8: Beeps!


A series of dots and dashes!  Andrew & Polly dive deep (via SUBMARINE) into the world of BEEPS! Topics include Morse code, robot toast, traffic feelings, the Pony Express, submarines, and some nonsense about beets. Experts include Polly's dad, Pops and Eric Morrill, PhD in visual studies. Thanks to Grey and Georgia the Greats, Ace the Ace, Darby the Delightful, Phenomenal Palmer, Cool Cool Collin, Darlin' Devin, and the incomparable Izzy Robbins. Special thanks to Steven C. Phillips who created the free Morse Code generator we used. Try it yourself at!