A New Album of Music: Go for the Moon

It’s today!!!

Our brand new album, “Go for the Moon” is here!!!

You can hear it on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, our shop, CDBaby, YouTube - all the places!

You can even listen to some of it in a special episode of Ear Snacks, hosted by some not-so-random giraffes right here:



We’re super excited about these songs and we hope you are too. We’re so excited, in fact, that we are giving away some Moon Swag

like this geographically accurate Moon Beach Ball and a lovely little Moon Night Light to a few randomly selected friends who review the record!.

Enter to win by Friday October 4th. Here’s how!

  1. Listen to the music (and/or get your own copy for maximum support).

  2. Post your family’s words about #goforthemoon anywhere other people can see them! (iTunes review, Apple Music, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter... even leaving a review about the record as a review of our podcast works!)

  3. Let us know you did it with an e-mail or fill out this handy form.

  4. We’ll be announcing the recipients on our show - thanks so much for listening and sharing the music!

Name: *

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