Season 2, Episode 18: Take Care of Teeth!

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Season 2, Episode 17: Human Teeth!

How many teeth do you have? Will you always have that number of teeth? Andrew & Polly ask Izzy, Ainsley, Desmond, Frankie, Jad & Kai about the teeth in their mouths and Frankie shares a song she wrote about her loose tooth.

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Ear Snacks presents: The Lion's Whisker from Circle Round

We are delighted to share an episode of Circle Round, WBUR's excellent storytelling podcast for kidsCircle Round. The story we’re sharing is called "The Lion's Whisker" - it’s about overcoming frustration and impatience with courage, understanding, and a little magic. Andrew & Polly and Cory the Crocodile encounter some frustration of their own.

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Season 2, Episode 16: Animal Teeth

Which animal has a tooth that comes out of its forehead and what does thinking like a beaver mean? Andrew & Polly call on podcast pals Chompers & Cool Facts About Animals as well as film pal Sarah Koenigsberg to learn about animal teeth.

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Season 2, Episode 13: Seeds (II)

Andrew & Polly ask many different people about growing many different things. 

How does bird poop bring the world together? With peppers, duh! And no one knows more about peppers than Uncle Fred. Our neighbor Miriam takes us to the Peace Garden at Peace4Kids in South Central Los Angeles.

Many thanks to Fred Gray, Miriam Cortez, Alex Zalder, Zaid Gayle, Amelia, Bennett, Charlie, Sam & Kalinga. If you'd like to know more or be on the show, visit

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Season 2, Episode 12: Seeds

Tell me: what do you know about seeds?  Andrew & Polly's friends from Austria, Australia, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts invite you into their homes and gardens to discover what kinds of seeds there are where they live.  We also welcome Chanel Tsang from Toronto, Canada who shares a lovely meditation from her podcast Peace Out called "Ready, Set, Grow!" inviting listeners to move their bodies and imagine what it might be like to be a seed.

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Season 2 Starts October 18!

People keep asking us...  what is Ear Snacks?  If you don't already know, this should help.

Thanks to Lucy & her mom, Frankie & her dad & Alex & his dad for reminding us why we do what we do.  Thanks to all the Ear Snacks kids and guests who have participated so far...  if you want to be on the show, e-mail

This trailer features the following grown-ups inspiring kids to go and DO.

  • "Buongiorno, come stai?"  "I have an idea." --- Bruce Perlman, Amusement Ride Owner
  • "Seahorses."  --- Jenn Salcido, Seahorse Enthusiast
  • "Glaciers." --- Dr. Jesse Driscoll, Hydrologist
  • "The concept of ecosystem."  --- Sergio Avilla, Desert Wildlife Biologist
  • "Camouflage." --- Rebeca Johnson, Marine Biologist
  • "Nooooo coconuts!"  --- Amos Hall, Hat Enthusiast
  • "DNA!" ---- Nate Butkuss, 7-year-old Scientist
  • "Typography."  --- Ana Gomez-Bernaus, Typographer
  • "A magical space where you can put your imagination."  --- Antoinette Portis, Children's Author-Illustrator
  • "So keep exploring space, and keep exploring everything else."  --- Mat Kaplan, Planetary Society Radio Host
  • "Fishermen and explorers and pirates!"  --- John Barkan, Seafarer
  • "It's kind of a never-ending journey."  --- Maria, Sign Language Instructor & Capoeira Player
  • "Man, that's WILD."  --- Steven Drozd, Drummer for The Flaming Lips
  • "We make all kinds of sounds." --- Gus Kovan, Sound Designer