Season 2, Episode 10: Bad Guys (Part I)

Andrew & Polly play an imaginary space game that evolves into a game of Bad Guys. Sadie, William, Wesley, Adalyn, Grey, Amelia, Kohler, Roland, Betula & Orion share what they know about Bad Guys and we learn how to make Bad Guy voices from voice actor Morla Gorrondona. 

When Andrew gets a little too carried away with his Bad Andrew voice, Andrew & Polly try to figure out - how can they keep playing together?


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We hope you & your kids enjoy this episode of Ear Snacks - this one was a really difficult one for us to make! In a special episode of Ear Snacks for Parents we discussed how games like “Bad Guys” are an integral part of early childhood development — but that it can be hard for us, as adults, to watch kids pretend play bad behavior when there really is terrible violence in the world. We discuss those feelings as well as how to talk to your kids about violence in the news with Jane Lindholm from But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids from Vermont Public Radio.  

Stay tuned for Bad Guys: Part II - we'll be exploring why it might feel good to pretend to be bad, and talk a little bit about the science of happiness.

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