All! The! Powers!

Summer's heating up, and so is Ear Snacks!  We're cooking up a bunch of new episodes that pick back up this week and will take you through your summer adventures, whether they are home or away!

In this bonus, we (finally) reveal Polly's superhero name (hint: it involves lasers) - and her THEME SONG - and share your birthday wishes! Thank you to Sady, Betula, Sammy & JJ, Riley, Ainsley, Lucy, Savannah, Adeline, Bela & Izzy.

If you've sent us anything else in the last couple months, we're getting to it very soon -- thank you so much for your patience!  If your child would like to send us something or be on an episode, visit

If you're looking for a fun, summer-time activity to do at home with your kids, hop on the terrarium train! Sady tells us all about her terrarium in this special bonus episode, and you can make one too! You can use fancy stuff - or just make it out of a recycled plastic container!

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