Season 2, Episode 11: More Bad Guys (Part II)

Andrew & Polly's Bad Guys game continues, and when they can't figure out WHY they are having fun scaring fish and serving them their least favorite foods, they call up a Bad Doctor to find out. Dr. Emiliana R. Simon-Thomas from the Greater Good Science Center tells us about what brains have to do with Bad Guys & Superheroes.

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Season 2, Episode 10: Bad Guys (Part I)

Andrew & Polly play an imaginary space game that evolves into a game of Bad Guys. Sadie, William, Westley, Adeline, Grey, Amelia, Kohler, Roland, Betula & Orion share what they know about Bad Guys and we learn how to make Bad Guy voices from voice actor Morla Gorrondona. 

When Andrew gets a little too carried away with his Bad Andrew voice, Andrew & Polly try to figure out - how can they keep playing together?

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Ear Snacks for Parents: Pretend Gun Play and Actual Bad Guys with Jane Lindholm

We know playing “Bad Guys” is an integral part of early childhood development — but, as some older kids who are more exposed to the media know, real people can do bad things, too.  We had planned to release a “Bad Guys” episode of Ear Snacks on Valentine’s Day, but first we wanted to explain to you, the parents, how and why we are approaching such a difficult topic, especially in the wake of last week’s tragedy in Parkland, Florida.  This episode is not intended for kids.

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Season 2, Episode 2: Hand-Clapping Games with Jazzy Ash (Snacktivity)


Lilah gives us a lesson in how to play Rock, Paper, Scissors and Jazzy Ash visits Andrew & Polly in the studio to share some hand-clapping games and songs from her new record, Swing Set.

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 Jazzy Ash & The Leaping Lizards

Jazzy Ash & The Leaping Lizards

Jazzy Ash is a Grammy-nominated children's music artist whose music has been featured by the LA Times and NPR.  For more information about Jazzy Ash, visit

Ear Snacks for Parents: How Does This Get Made?

Eliza Gregory interviews us about how and why we make Ear Snacks, our radical podcast for kids.  We discuss media from our childhood, how our parenting style plays a role in the design of the show and our plans for the second season of Ear Snacks.

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Eliza Gregory is an artist and educator. Her work illuminates diverse experiences in a given community using images, relationships, interactions, interviews, events and many other media.

Her work asks questions about how to build healthy communities; the role of cultural adaptation in contemporary society; and how family relationships shape our lives. Trained as a fine art photographer, a creative writer and a social practice artist, Eliza lives and works in northern California. Her solo exhibition Testimony opens at the Asian Art Museum on April 5, 2018.

Season 2 Starts October 18!

People keep asking us...  what is Ear Snacks?  If you don't already know, this should help.

Thanks to Lucy & her mom, Frankie & her dad & Alex & his dad for reminding us why we do what we do.  Thanks to all the Ear Snacks kids and guests who have participated so far...  if you want to be on the show, e-mail

This trailer features the following grown-ups inspiring kids to go and DO.

  • "Buongiorno, come stai?"  "I have an idea." --- Bruce Perlman, Amusement Ride Owner
  • "Seahorses."  --- Jenn Salcido, Seahorse Enthusiast
  • "Glaciers." --- Dr. Jesse Driscoll, Hydrologist
  • "The concept of ecosystem."  --- Sergio Avilla, Desert Wildlife Biologist
  • "Camouflage." --- Rebeca Johnson, Marine Biologist
  • "Nooooo coconuts!"  --- Amos Hall, Hat Enthusiast
  • "DNA!" ---- Nate Butkuss, 7-year-old Scientist
  • "Typography."  --- Ana Gomez-Bernaus, Typographer
  • "A magical space where you can put your imagination."  --- Antoinette Portis, Children's Author-Illustrator
  • "So keep exploring space, and keep exploring everything else."  --- Mat Kaplan, Planetary Society Radio Host
  • "Fishermen and explorers and pirates!"  --- John Barkan, Seafarer
  • "It's kind of a never-ending journey."  --- Maria, Sign Language Instructor & Capoeira Player
  • "Man, that's WILD."  --- Steven Drozd, Drummer for The Flaming Lips
  • "We make all kinds of sounds." --- Gus Kovan, Sound Designer

Season 1, Episode 11: Strings (Part V)


The dramatic conclusion of the five part series all about Strings! Andrew & Polly talk to Banjo Man Eddie, about Polly's trip to fiddle camp and her new fiddle pal Katy. Plus take a sneak peak inside one of their new songs, "Expo Line..." We've strung it out long enough! To hear Eddie's music, visit, to learn more about Katy Buckbee visit and check out her band at